Forex Charting Software

Check out the features that you’ll need to your forex system when you visit the various forex sites to look at their forex charting software, such as:

1. Whether the charts are “easy on the eye”. If not, can you customise them?

2. Whether the charts load up relatively quickly. Sometimes demos may load up slightly slower than their real accounts, so if you like a charting package but it’s not as quick as expected, just email the provider to ask them.

3. Whether your customised chart layouts can be saved. You can do this on most charting packages.

4. What indicators are available to be plotted, to make sure that you can use the package to trade your system.

5. Whether you can write notes and draw lines properly and where you want to, on the chart. Some systems require you to work out support and resistance, peaks and troughs and other indicators to work out if there’s an entry.

6. As an optional extra, whether the forex charting software has programming capabilities. If there are basic steps of your forex system that can be easily programmed to display on the chart, and you can use their programming language, then this will enable you to more quickly and with less effort trade your system.

So make sure that the charting package can do everything that you need to do to trade your forex system.

If you haven’t already done so, visit the page that will teach you how to read forex charts, and to avoid the mistakes and gaps in knowledge when people are learning how to read them properly.


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Notes for Plus 500 CFD Service:

Your capital is at risk.

CFD Trading is for experienced traders, not beginners.

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